The Rynly Delivery App

SaaS for Existing Delivery Providers

An end-to-end scalable delivery platform to drive efficiency and cost reduction in your deliveries. Features include mobile phone apps for your driver team, a convenient ordering system for your customers, and a robust administrative platform. Optimized routing and full traceability, including precise geolocation, timestamp, and safe place photos, for every delivery.

Comprehensive Administrative Platform

The RYNLY app includes visibility into every stage of delivery and provides manual and automated control over every delivery and delivery job.


Real-time information on the status of every pick-up and delivery. The platform offers visual driver location on a map, final delivery confirmation, including the specific coordinates, the exact time, and a photo as proof of delivery. The life cycle of every delivery and delivery job is available via the admin console.

Optimal Routing

Rynly provides optimized routing on a per delivery job basis with administrative controls and app override capability, including automated job creation based on delivery zone configurations.



The Rynly Delivery App

SaaS for Loyalty Enabled Delivery

Leverage your loyalty program to incentivize the delivery of your products by loyalty program members to their community resulting in lower delivery costs.  Encourage loyalty program drivers to spend more in your stores by compensating their deliveries with your delivery points.  Broker to 3rd party delivery services when loyalty program drivers are not available for deliveries.

Delivery as an Enabler Rather than a Cost

Leverage your loyalty program to lower your delivery costs and keep costs within your retail ecosystem. Drivers are motivated to use their delivery compensation in your stores.

Deliver Green

Our unique algorithms identifies “deliver to your neighborhood” scenarios for drivers reducing carbon emissions. We also support bicycle and other non-motorized vehicle deliveries specifically optimized for those delivery methods.

Brokerage Functionality

When loyalty program drivers are not available, we provide brokerage functionality to send delivery jobs to 3rd parties. Criteria for when this functionality is triggered is completely configurable.