“Rynly” means “people power,” and comes from the Chinese characters 人力 (pronounced rén · lì). Our name is inspired by the crowd-sourced nature of our platform, and serves as a nod to the people-powered delivery methods we’ve seen embraced in Asia. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: Rynly was founded to solve a problem right here at home.

Fast, inexpensive shipping has become the established norm, and that convenience comes with a cost – both financial and environmental. Faster fulfillment traditionally mean less efficient fulfillment. As a result, businesses that can’t subsidize their shipping costs risk obsolescence, and the environment incurs a cost we’ll all end up paying in the end.

Rynly was founded to tackle this problem. Noting number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road, we bonded over a shared realization: why not utilize the millions of cars already on the road to power a smarter, greener shipping solution? We took this crowd-sourced kernel of an insight, built a scalable data platform around it, and made it intelligent by leveraging machine learning.

We’re Rynly, and we’re putting shipping in your hands.


We’re a passionate group of entrepreneurs with experience building and running companies in retail, tech, sales, and operations. Swing by our Portland office and say hi!


Samuel Chen

The founder and CEO of international manufacturer SportsPower, Samuel brings 27 years of experience in international retail, a proven track record building multi-million dollar companies, and an extensive network in the retail sector.


Mirek Kukla

Mirek led fintech startup Addepar from seed funding to a $550M series D, where he architected a data platform hosting over $1T in assets. Mirek holds 3 technical degrees from Stanford University, including a graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence.


Won Cho

Won has over 25 years of experience in IT and business operations. During his time as an executive at McAfee, Won was responsible for an annual expenditure budget of $200M and managed an organization of over 40 professionals.

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